Why are there so many types of furnace filters to choose from? When your looking for a replacement furnace filter you will most likely come across many styles and types. The different filters all have a purpose but figuring out which type is right for you may be a little overwhelming. We will do our best to point you in the right direction and make this common household chore a little easier for you.

To start there are two common types of furnace filters, Pleated Furnace Filters and Basic Fiberglass Furnace Filters. These filters can be found in most hardware stores and on RememberTheFilter.com. The Pleated Furnace Filters are going to do the best at improving your indoor air quality while the Basic Fiberglass Furnace Filters will allow air to travel more freely through the filters ensuring optimal efficiency. As for how often the Furnace Filters need to be changed they do differ, Pleated Furnace Filters should be changed about every 90 days while Basic Filters should be changed about every 30 days. So while Pleated Furnace Filters may be a little more expensive they do last much longer so in the end it is real close to a wash.

We don't want to forget about the other filters in the marketplace. Other filters you may find are Washable Furnace Filters, these filters are of course washable. When you are ready to clean the filter you pull it out, spray it down, let it dry and re-install. These filters are a great Eco-friendly alternative as you don't have to throw them in the garbage as a down side they don't capture as much as a Pleated Furnace Filter. Have smells you want to get rid of? Go with a Activated Carbon Furnace Filter, the carbon will actually capture the odor from the air keeping your home odor free. Carbon filters are a good choice and have the added benefit of being pleated as well. You will spend a little more then a common Pleated Furnace Filter for an Odor Filter but you do have that extra benefit of truly capturing the odor from indoor air and not masking it. Last but not least you may come across cut to fit Furnace Filters, this is a basic option and really you are just using the same material as a Basic Fiberglass Filter. Most commonly you will find this comes as a roll of material.

We tried to keep this brief as we could go on all day about the types of Furnace Filters out there for you to choose from, so if you are looking for more info we have many resources available to compare your options. Also feel free to contact us as our dedicated filter specialists will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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