Keep Cool & Healthy This Summer
An air conditioner is basically the same thing as a refrigerator, they both cool a certain space down. Now that summer is here you will be using your air conditioner more often. And if you don't already have one you want to make sure to choose one that is efficient and economical. When picking between a  window system and a central air system you want to look at the EER number (window system) and SEER (central system), the higher the number the more economical. Some central air systems may be out of your price range but thankfully mounted window systems have improved over the years and are made with excellent quality to prevent the rattling noise that old ones use to make. So which ever type you decide is best for you, your family with enjoy cooling off indoors when it get too hot.

The benefits of an air conditioner are to provide your family with a comfortable environment, better health and provide clean air. Since AC units keep your air pollutant free with use of a AC Filter the air becomes healthier to breathe, so people with respiratory problems and asthma don't struggle to breathe. Studies have shown that children and babies kept in fresh environments show better physical and mental growth.

A lot of people in the country worry about how to heat their home during winter but at Remember The Filter we know that there are many of you that worry how to remove unwanted heat in the summer. During these busy summer months when your system is running non-stop you want to make sure to frequently change the ac filter to keep it at peak performance.

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