Commercial Building Programs

Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Retirement Communities, Gyms, Schools, Apartments, Condos...

How It Works

Special Pricing and Programs designed for you. We keep track of your sizes and filter needs. Simple online ordering or by phone with help from your dedicated account representative. Option to purchase by "Purchase Order" or a "Credit Card". Save time and money. Air Filter Replacement is Easy. Never worry about your buildings filters again!

RememberTheFilter's local building filter service will keep your costs down and save your tenants the headache. Let's face it most renters aren't concerned about your system. Make changing the filter easy and keep it simple for both you and your tenants. Changing these filters is the #1 way to protect the life of an A/C unit, and our goal is to make it hassle-free.

Save Time and Money

We will work with you to develop a filter program that best suites your building needs. We can keep it simple and offer residents discounted pricing on the filter they need, create a custom webpage for your building on that allows customers get all the info they need and quick online ordering. Or, if you prefer to handle the filters in money and get your filters from us!

Lower Maintenance Costs and Energy Savings

HVAC units in poor condition can cost upwards of $5,000 to replace if not more, and lower property value - not to mention the inconvenience of a lengthy repair job. Additionally, dirty filters make one of your most critical systems inefficient, and can cause your electricity bill to go up by as much as 15% every month.

Keep it Simple! Get Started Today.

We would be happy to get you setup so you can get back to running your building(s). Send us a quick email or give us a ring and one of our dedicated filter specialist will design a program that meets your needs. If you want your tenants to handle the filters our design team will create flyers and signup instructions for you tenants. We can quickly figure out what size filters your building uses and create a custom signup page and discount code for your residents.


Real Estate Professional Program


Be a breathe of fresh air and give your clients a true gift for the home. A Clean Air Program subscription is a great way to say thanks. Every-time they replace a filter and are breathing, cleaner healthier indoor air in the new home you got them in...who are they going to remember? Forget the fruit basket, your clients want clean air!

The Clean Air Program for Real Estate Professionals is simple service where we can send your valued clients a case of filters for there new home. A case of filters makes your clients' lives easier by eliminating the need to remember the filter - we love to say that. You're also giving a gift that helps them protect one of the most critical systems in the home, lower their energy bills and breathe clean, healthier indoor air.

How It Works

  1. Find the dimensions of your client's air filters. Tip: Do it during the home inspection.
  2. When logged into your account that we will create you will find your special pricing
  3. Choose your clients filter size and enter the new homes address for the shipping (or have it shipped to your office so you can deliver).
  4. During checkout you will also have the option to purchase by a "Purchase Order" or a "Credit Card".

Many Options, Multi-Client Plans Available

You can select the filtration level and the filter type to match your target budget. Multi-Client plans are available, the more clients...the bigger the savings! This program is designed with Realtors, Real Estate Agents and Brokers in mind. But this doesn't mean we are leaving you out. If you think this program would be a great fit for your business please let us know. When you contact our specialists, make sure to ask about our Multi-Client discounts.

Sign-up Today!

Contact our customer service department at 1-866-469-8556 or via email.


Mechanical HVAC Company Program


Don’t have the space to hold your filter inventory? Wish your filters for the work day didn't take up your entire service vehicle? It would be nice if the filters were at the job site when you service techs show up...Let us do exactly that for you!

We will work with you to handle all of the filter expediting needed for you and your customers. As the old adage goes: time is money. If you can save time, then oftentimes you can save money. If done right, the savings should be directly proportionate to the amount of time you save. It is that simple.

Job site fulfillment saves money! We guarantee that we can find ways to reduce your overhead, by providing filter logistics for you and and value for your customers. This is beneficial to your business because all warehousing and logistics overhead costs are eliminated. We can take care of your storage, preparing, stocking and shipping of your filters direct to your customers or job sites for installation by your techs. Reducing and controlling inventory means you need less space and equipment for handling and storing filters.

Give us a call today at 1-866-469-8556 and let us handle the filters so you can get back to running your business.