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Over a million filters sold and replaced. That’s billions of particles removed from indoor air. Trust your air to us. RTF has been In business for 14+ years and is a preferred online retailer for AAF Flanders Furnace and AC Filters

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What’s your need? Commercial? Residential? Industrial? HEPA? We have you covered! At, you’ll find the perfect filter for your HVAC system -- by a leading manufacturer!

Buying filters online at is easy, convenient, and saves you time and money. No high-pressure sales. No time-consuming service appointments. No searching for weeks or months for your filter size. Just friendly, knowledgeable filter experts dedicated to helping you select the right filters for your system.

With thousands of sizes to choose from, you’ll never have to search for your filter again! You can even buy custom furnace and ac filters online! We’ll send you perfect fit filters for your HVAC system. We deliver filters to you for free, too! Whether you live here with us in the Pacific Northwest, or you’re in Texas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, or Florida, we deliver for free anywhere in the entire contiguous United States – even oversized or special order filters.

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