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Naturalaire Custom Filters (12 pack)

$ 149.99

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This filter is custom made to your exact size giving you a perfect fit. Please be sure to enter the exact size you need in the space provided. The Naturalaire Standard MERV 8. The Naturalaire Standard has an ASHRAE 52.2 rating of MERV 8. This filter is convenient to use and easy to replace. Ordinary furnace filters are designed to protect heating and cooling equipment from the insulating properties of relatively large airborne particles. The NaturalAire Standard goes far beyond that, removing even those microscopic particles that can stain walls and furnishings, or worse aggravate seasonal allergies.

This custom filter is only available in a 1" depth. Max filter dimensions 25x30x1. If you are looking for a 2" depth filter or a filter larger than 25x30 please check out the Pre-Pleat LPD

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