Custom Furnace Filters and AC Filters

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Custom Size Replacement HVAC, Furnace and AC Filters

A precisely fitted air filter does more than just enhance the air quality in your home or business - it can also significantly prolong the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. Invest in our perfect fit custom size air filters today and experience the difference!

Effortless Ordering of Custom Size Filters

Ordering custom size filters has never been simpler. Input your required filter size in the designated box on the product page, and within 7-10 business days, you'll receive perfectly fitting replacement HVAC, Furnace, or AC filters tailored to your needs.

Filter Fit Guarantee

At, your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to ensure every purchase meets your highest expectations. To underscore our commitment, we offer not just one, but two guarantees. If there's an error with your order, whether on your end or ours, we pledge to do everything in our power to rectify it. We're committed to making your experience with us nothing short of perfect!

Learn More about the Filter Fit Guarantee

Assessing Your Airflow: Is Your Filter Effectively Filtering?

Airflow in an HVAC system, whether in residential or commercial settings, always seeks the path of least resistance - the air, in essence, is 'lazy'. It will find the easiest route, and if there are even slight gaps between your filter and its storage rack, the air will inevitably flow there. This results in unfiltered air circulating back into your home or business, and as it travels through your HVAC system, it can cause wear and tear that may lead to expensive repairs. Ensuring a perfect fit with your filters is crucial for optimal air quality and HVAC longevity.

Filter Fit Guarantee

Minimum Size: 6" x 6" - Maximum Size: 25" x 30"

Contact support if you need a larger size or assistance.

Be sure you have measured your existing filter before placing an order, some manufacturers undercut filters so don't assume what is printed on a label is correct. Manufacturing tolerances of plus 0, minus 1/8" will be observed on overall width and length of filter. When filters arrive the smallest dimension will be listed first on the label.

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Improve Air Quality

By not allowing any air to bypass the filter and back into your indoor air you improve air quality in your home or business.

MERV Rated Filters

Higher value MERV rating equates to finer filtration, meaning fewer airborne contaminants can pass through the filters.

Extend Life of Your System

Protect your home or business. Unfiltered air that travels through your HAVC system can lead to costly repairs.

Need Help Ordering Custom Filters?

We strive to provide the best service and air filtration products. If you need assistance with a custom size please let us know.

Custom Furnace Filters and AC Filters

Concerned About Ordering the Right Filter Size?

At, we're committed to assisting you with any concerns regarding custom size air filter orders. Should any errors occur during ordering—be it on your end or ours—we promise to do our utmost to rectify the situation. Our goal is to ensure you receive filters that perfectly fit your system. Rest assured, all custom filter orders are backed by our filter fit guarantee, reinforcing our dedication to your complete satisfaction.