Shop with Confidence! If you find a product for less, we will match the price! Send us an email, text us or give us a ring at 866-469-8556 with your request. We'll get back to you quickly with a promo code to match the competitors price, it's that easy!

Price Match Guarantee Guidelines and Restrictions:To get a price match simply provide us with a price from one of our competitors in writing or show us the published price for the item online by providing a link. All price matches must take place at the time of ordering. Price matching is not an option after the sale.

Products must be brand new, identical models, and must be made by the same manufacturer. Items must be in stock and available for shipment. Our Price Match Guarantee does not apply to products sold on auction sites like eBay or third party merchants on Amazon, typographical errors, closeouts, or any other site or offer deemed illegitimate by This offer supersedes any and all other RTF promotions and cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer.

Price matching will be determined by a competitor's most current retail price and is limited to competitors selling to the general public.

Shipping and taxes (if shipping to WA) are also considered in the quoted price offered to you. reserves the right to determine which offers are from legitimate retailers. We reserve the right to not price match below our cost. In the event that we cannot meet a competitor's price you will be notified.


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