Heat advisories also known as heat waves are upon most of us. This is an extended period of excessive humidity and excessive temperature that are 10 degrees or more above average. Heat waves kill more Americans a year then natural disasters. They push the body beyond it's operating limits. The body operates and a certain temperature and to over heat it, like a car, makes it not preform properly or breakdown.

With this extreme heat warning most of the country is wondering how to keep cool. A few things are drink lots of ice water, eat popsicles, stay in the shade… But another great way to escape the heat is to use indoor air conditioners and fans. You can set fans up throughout your home or place a window air conditioner in. At Rememberthefilter.com we have a large selection of filters for your air conditioner. To ensure that your air conditioner is working to it's peak ability you want to change your filter. Most manufacturers recommend 3 months for pleated filters. That should last you the rest of summer.

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