Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it can't hurt you. 99% of particles in the air you can't see, but they can be harmful to your health. Did you know that indoor air is 100 times more polluted than outdoor air? You think, no way, but unfortunately without good indoor air filtration it's true. With bad air in the home it can cause headaches, allergy attacks, asthma, colds and flues, eye nose and lung irritation, sore throat and sneezing. None of this sounds fun so why not prevent it.

We now carry the AAF American Air Filter brand. This filter is a worldwide company that operates in 22 countries, so try a filter that is trusted around the world to clean air. We offer two types of AAF Furnace Filters. First is the American Air Filter StrataDensity Fiberglass that is sold as a 12 pack. These filters are a disposable panel filter that is engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease. Use this filter to protect the coils in your system from dirt. Secondly is the Dust Shield Pleated Air Filters sold as a 6 pack. These pleated filters are 15 times more effective than fiberglass filters. They are constructed with a new technology that eliminates the need for metal reinforcement and offer the best value in high efficiency residential filters.

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