We now carry non-OEM replacement filters for both the 3M Filtrete FAPF02 and the FAPF03. These non-OEM replacement filters have a MERV 10 rating so they will do a great job when working with your 3M Filtrete Air Purifier to improve your indoor air quality. Not only do our FAPF02 and FAPF03 replacement filters do a great job at improving your IAQ they will also save you some money. Since we make these filters to the same exact size as your Filtrete Filter using the same techniques we use on our custom furnace filters you will be happy with the results and cost. We know they work because we use these filters in the Air Purifiers located in all of our offices! 

Here is a break down of the Filtrete FAP02 and FAP03 replacement filters:
  • MERV 10 Rating
  • Exact Filtrete Filter Size
  • More Afordable
  • Disposable
  • Helps to improve Indoor Air Quality
  • High Quality
  • Save Money!!!

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