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Pre Pleat 40 High Capacity MERV 8 (12 Filters) 80255.011820

$ 80.99

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This filter is similar to the standard version but is the High Capacity model allowing for more surface area. Okay we admit it, the name is a little weird but the Flanders Pre Pleat 40 LPD filters are one of the best filters we carry. Originally designed with commercial applications in mind it's now our favorite choice for residential systems as well. This filter doesn't have all the fancy packaging or catchy name, it just does what it should...protect your system and clean your air. This filter has a very low pressure drop (LPD), this means the filter captures a lot of stuff you cant see with the naked eye and at the same time it isn't restrictive. Restrictive means more energy use, thus more money and strain on your system. Forget all the fancy packaging and marketing and go with a filter you can trust. See why so many prefer this exact filter over all others today and give it a try today. The inherent strength of the filter allows for easy change out as it will not collapse, warp, or bend in normal service. Flanders Precisionaire (the manufacturer) is the foremost in air filtration.

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