Image is for reference, might not represent actual filter size.

15x19x1 Exact Pleated MERV 8 Filters (12 pack)

$ 126.99

Order today, and you'll receive your filters between and

15 x 19 x 1 pleated filters in the the exact size of 15 x 19 x 1. Finding the perfect fit filter isn't always easy so we teamed up with AAF Flanders to offer high quality exact fit HVAC filters with a MERV 8 rating. This filter will be made to the exact dimensions of 15 x 19 x 1.

The AAF Flanders Pre-Pleat 40 LPD air filter offers high filtration to protect your HVAC system and indoor air against particulates while also minimizing air pressure drop off to keep your system running at peak efficiency. This filter has the lowest pressure drop and highest dust holding capacity in the industry, no other filter can say that.

The AAF Flanders Pre-Pleat 40 LPD air filter is suitable for a wide variety of HVAC systems and holds a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 8, which means it is third-party certified to effectively reduce indoor dust and particle debris. MERV ratings provide a standard comparison of air filter performance. A higher MERV rating signifies greater efficiency and increased protection against airborne particles. Breathe easy knowing that AAF Flanders provides quality filters to keep your indoor air pure.

  • Reduces common household/indoor dust and other airborne particles
  • Minimizes air pressure drop off
  • Available in almost any size to fit almost any heating or cooling system
  • Easy to install and replace every 90 days
  • Made to the exact size, no more confusion with filter sizes
  • Manufactured in the USA by AAF Flanders
Be sure you have measured your existing filter before placing an order, some manufacturers undercut filters so you should never base it off the label. Exact/custom filters are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Manufacturing tolerances of plus 0, minus 1/8" will be observed on overall width and length of filter. Picture is used as a reference, sizes will vary. Filters larger than 25x30x1 are considered a double filter where there is additional strength down the middle of the filter. It's our policy to list the smallest dimension first. When the filters arrive the label will be displayed as such, this will not impact compatibility - it's just a matter of how you hold the filter. If you have questions or concerns please contact us.

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