Do you have trouble locating your filter? Or knowing what part needs to be changed? All systems are different but to locate the filter you'll take the same steps. First thing you need to do is make sure that the system is off, including the fan. Locate the main panel usually on the front or side. Most systems will show how to remove the cover but they usually just pop off. Now that the panel is removed locate the furnace filter. It should be sitting near the fan. Slide the filter out and write down the size listed on the filter or measure it. At we have a large selection of replacement filters. If the spot is empty, then this means it was possibly removed and not replaced. Please measure the hole where the furnace filter should go for correct measurements to make sure you order the correct filter. You want to put a new filter in as soon as possible to prevent your system from being ruined. The two main reasons for a furnace filter is to protect the air and your system. If you were unable to locate your filter we recommend you call a local HVAC company to come and inspect your system. They can also help you measure for the correct size. If you have any other questions please visit our FAQ page

Attention: Do not run your system without a filter. It could destroy your system and prevent you from breathing clean air.

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