What Happens If You Don’t Use an Air Filter In Your AC Unit

An air filter plays a much larger role in the performance of your AC unit than you may realize. That is why you not only need to have a filter stationed in your AC unit, but you must also replace it once it gets dirty. Keep reading to find out what happens if you don’t use an air filter in your AC unit ahead.  

Poor Air Quality 

The first thing that will be affected when you don’t use an air filter in your AC unit is the air quality. An air filter keeps your air as healthy as possible by trapping all the dust, allergens, dirt, and pet danger that can be harmful. Without an air filter, the quality in your home will suffer for it and you may suffer from allergies and experience strange odors.  

Issues With the Condensation Drain 

You may also experience issues with the condensation drain if you don’t use an air filter. This is a cause for concern because an AC unit’s condensation drain is responsible for disposing of any moisture that may build up. Without a filter keeping particles away, the condensation drain will not be able to perform its job and can cause water damage to the AC unit. 

Ductwork Complications 

There are many bad things you can breathe in when you don’t have an AC filter in place. Moisture will start to build up in the ductwork, which is where mold will start to grow. Then, mold will get into your air and pose a serious threat to you and your family's health.  

Lead to a Frozen AC Unit 

If there isn’t an air filter in your AC unit, then there will be barriers that will prevent proper airflow. This will lead to cold air building up in your system and cause your unit to freeze.  

You Spend More Money 

Because there is no filtration in place, this will also result in your unit having to work harder. When an AC unit must work harder to function properly, your energy bills will start to rise. So, save money in the long run by getting custom AC filters from Remember the Filter now that you know what happens if you don’t use an air filter in your AC unit.

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