What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your HVAC System?

Between heating and air conditioning, your home’s HVAC system works hard almost year-round to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, no matter what’s going on outside. But with that hard work comes general wear and tear that requires regular maintenance. As the old adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine, and a bit of work on your HVAC system can save you from system failures, serious damage, and heavy repair bills. Here’s what happens if you don’t maintain your HVAC system. If you see these signs of a neglected system, it’s time to get to work or call a professional.

Bigger Bills

One of the surest signs of an ill-maintained HVAC system is poor efficiency. Dirty condenser coils on your air conditioning unit keep it from working at its best; unclean coils cannot sufficiently cool the hot air that’s returned through the system. When this happens, the air conditioner works harder and consumes more energy, and more energy means a higher electric bill. The same goes for your furnace: an evaporator coil insulated by dirt and grime cannot draw in heat as it should, which means a harder-working furnace and more gas expended. And if you think increased energy consumption puts a strain on your wallet, you’ll really pay when you need to replace the entire unit prematurely.

A House That’s Too Hot or Too Cold

Your thermostat may say 72, but your house feels a lot more like 64. That’s what can happen if your HVAC system doesn’t receive the upkeep it requires. The hard work that an unclean system does can lead to an inaccurate thermostat, which in turn leads to discomfort and frustration. One root cause of the inaccuracy could be with your air filter. Your furnace’s filter captures particles in the air that could clog up your furnace or lower your air quality. A fresh filter works wonders, but as it screens out particles, it loses its efficacy, which reduces your furnace’s efficiency. Most air filters need to be replaced once every thirty days, but Natural Aire furnace filters provide an effective and longer-lasting alternative. These pleated filters last up to ninety days, which means less frequent purchases and one less thing to worry about as you keep your HVAC up to snuff. A well-filtered furnace will keep your thermostat accurate and your house at the temperature you want.


Uncomfortable temperatures are certainly not pleasant, but water damage can be a very serious problem for homeowners. Accumulated dirt in the furnace system can clog the drain hole, allowing water to seep out. A broken condenser pump can also cause water damage, which can mean not only remediating that damage but also repairing the unit. You can avoid leaks by scheduling an annual maintenance call with an HVAC professional, who will make sure these components aren’t in danger of obstruction or failure. Homeowners may bristle at calling professionals in nonemergency situations, but the disastrous results of what happens if you don’t maintain your HVAC system far overshadow a small bit of professional expertise.

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