What Experts Say About Turning Off Your AC When on Vacation

Vacation is something many homeowners look forward to. You may ask a neighbor to keep your mail safe and take care of your plants, but what about home maintenance? Should you turn off your air conditioning before leaving? Your home will be vacant after all! Before making a final decision, discover what experts say about turning off your AC when on vacation.

Consider the Length of Your Vacation

The length of your vacation can determine whether your home will survive without the operation of your HVAC system. For example, those who plan to be away for a shorter time—such as just a day or two—should keep the air conditioning unit on but set at a higher temperature. Doing so won’t cause your utility bill to skyrocket, but it will keep extreme humidity at bay.

Check the Local Forecast

It would be wise to check your local weather during your vacation time to determine whether you should turn off your AC. If the forecast shows mild temperatures, consider turning off your unit. However, if scorching temperatures are on the horizon, you’ll want to keep your system on.

Assess Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Your home's energy efficiency may also determine whether it is in your best interest to turn off your air cooling system. Consider keeping your air conditioning system on unless your property does not have ample insulation and efficient windows and doors. Homes that lack these features may have difficulty keeping cool air within the space for an extended period, resulting in higher utility bills.

Check Your Electronics

Before turning off your air conditioning system, consider the effects of high heat in your home. Many residences have televisions and alarm systems with sensitive circuit configurations; experts recommend keeping central air units on to avoid melting and frying circuits, which can damage devices beyond repair. Allowing your property to retain heat can also lead to damaged motors and cracked screens.

Experts say turning off your AC when on vacation isn't necessary for most circumstances. For your summer cooling needs, explore our Remember The Filter webpage—you can purchase AC filters online by browsing our inventory!

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