Let us Remember the Filter for You

Do you have trouble remembering when to change your filter? Let us remember it for you. We have service plans that start at 3.99 + S&H to $22.99 + S&H per filter. We can send you the filter of your choice in whatever increment you choose from once a month to once a year. You have the choice of most of our single sold filters to sign up for a service plan.

Our best selling service plan filters are the Naturalaire filters. The Naturalaire Merv 8 filter start at $6.99 + S&H and the Naturalaire Merv 10 Filters start at $9.99 + S&H. They both have a recommended life span of up to 3 months and come individually wrapped in plastic to prevent them from getting dirty before you even use it.

With the change of every Season have your next furnace filter show up at your Door. Visit RememberTheFilter.com and sign up for a service plan today!
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