How to Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter

You may know about the importance of replacing the air filter in your home’s HVAC unit, but you might not know how to do it. That is why we’ve created a step-by-step guide that can help you keep up with one of the most important aspects of maintaining your air conditioner unit. Learn how to replace your air conditioner filter ahead.

Turn the Unit’s Power Off and Remove Cover

The first step when replacing your HVAC unit’s filter is to turn off the power. You can do this by simply unplugging your unit from the outlet. You will then want to remove the front cover of the HVAC unit.

Check the Old Filter’s Condition

Next up, you will want to check the condition of the air filter that is currently in your unit to see if it needs replacement at all. The easiest way to tell if an air filter is no longer good is by holding it up to the light. If light isn’t able to pass through the filter, then it needs to be replaced.

Clean Your Air Filter

After checking the condition of the current air filter in your home’s unit, if it’s a washable filter, you have the option to clean it. If you choose this route, clean the filter by carefully rinsing it with soap and water. Then, let the air filter dry. If you are just replacing your air conditioner filter with a new one, then you can skip this step.

Replace With A New Filter

If you aren’t washing your current filter, then you can move onto replacing it. When you are placing the new filter into your unit, line up the notches on the filter’s frame with the spaces in the filter compartment. After fitting it in the unit, you can then replace the cover and turn the unit’s power back on. Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed the filter.

Check the Filter Regularly

Now that you know how to replace your air conditioner filter, you can now keep up with an important piece of maintenance for your HVAC unit. It’s also always good to check your filter regularly since they will typically need replacement every 30 to 90 days. As one of the top Flanders filters distributors, Remember the Filter can provide you with quality back-up filters when the time does come for replacement.

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