How To Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

Whether it’s gas bills in the winter or electric bills in the summer, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home costs money. You can drastically reduce your energy costs with a few tips that will help your HVAC system work smarter, not harder. That means not only a few extra dollars in your pocket each month but also a longer life span for your system and the long-term savings that come with it. By understanding how to improve your HVAC efficiency, you can enjoy reduced energy expenses as well as a comfortable home.

Embrace Your Biggest Fans

Don’t let your ceiling fans sit idle and gather dust. Whether you’re heating or cooling, ceiling fans can be inexpensive and useful adjuncts to your HVAC’s air circulation. As heat rises, ceiling fans at low speed and a counterclockwise rotation push that warm air downward, which means you’ll feel more comfortable at a lower thermostat setting. In the summer, switch your fan’s rotation from counterclockwise to clockwise to pull warm air up.

Use Quality Air Filtration

As particles in your furnace filter accumulate, your furnace works harder. Remember to change your disposable filter or clean your washable filter once a month to keep your furnace operating at peak performance. This is not only good for your furnace’s workload but also important to your air quality, especially if you have pets, excessive dust, or people with sensitive allergies.

If you’ve been getting unsatisfying results from your filter, try to find the right filter for your furnace model. If you have an older home with a more proprietary design, you may need custom air filters for your furnace.

Seal Leaky Ducts

Not every family uses their attic for storage or for a hip spare bedroom. In fact, many families don’t set foot in their attics at all. With this space going overlooked, problems such as leaky ductwork can arise just out of sight and never even come into the homeowner’s consideration. By making sure your ducts are well-sealed, you can rest assured that the air you pay to heat and cool isn’t slipping through the cracks and going to waste. Pull down the ladder and check in on your ductwork.

Mind Your Air Conditioner Location

An overlooked aspect of how to improve your HVAC efficiency is your AC unit’s surroundings. Exposure to the elements can introduce a host of issues to your air conditioner, specifically excessive moisture from rainfall and plant life. Keep all the adjacent foliage well-trimmed to prevent leaves from clogging the unit or introducing unwanted moisture, and make sure your gutters’ spillways run far from the air conditioning unit. You have to manage the effects of the sun as well. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight for maximum efficiency and lower utility bills.

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