With Earth Day on Friday we figured this would be a good subject for us to touch on. You always here people saying "Reduce your carbon foot print", "Green your home" or "Live an Eco-Friendly life." You ask yourself, "How?" Two easy steps are to start using more efficient air and water filters. If you use a good Water Filter then there will be no need to purchase bottled water, in turn keeping thousands of bottles from land fills. You will have great tasting water from your tap and save lots of money. Another great option for filtered water is made by 3M Filtrete. There is the 3M Water Station or the 3M Water Pitcher.

There are a few options for furnace and air conditioner filters to help you be eco-friendly. One option is a washable filter, you use this filter for 1-3 months and then instead of tossing, just rinse and re-install. Great for the environment; no garbage. Another option is the Flanders Pre-Pleat 40 Filter. These are made entirely from recycled material. So even though you toss these after 3 months, they are at least made from recycled material.

So a few simple steps and you are on your way to living a "Green Life". Visit RememberTheFilter.com for all your filtration needs.

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