How To Clean a Washable Filter
Washable Air Filters have many benefits for you and your home. They are good for the environment, great on your wallet and they capture debris (dust mites, pollen, bacteria, mold and pet dander) from the air in your home. But do you have a washable air filter in your furnace and are unsure the steps to cleaning it? Here are step by step directions to ensure that you are washing your filter correctly and keeping your family's air clean. 

Cleaning Steps
  1. Remove your filter from your furnace and set it on the ground, dirty side up.
  2. Use your vacuum to suck the debris off the filter and make sure to vacuum up any debris that has fallen on the floor from the dirty filter.
  3. Next you need to wash it, use a bathtub or large utility sink.
  4. A sprayer works best but if you don't have one then just use running water. Make sure that your water is warm and you can use your hand or a soft brush to help get any remaining debris off. DO NOT USE SOAP.
  5. The filter must fully dry before re-inserting into furnace.
At we carry a large variety of Washable Air Filters sizes. Washable furnace filters should be checked every month and washed every 3 months. With proper maintenance they will provide you with years of clean air.

Do not run your furnace when the filter is removed for cleaning. Make sure you shut it off.

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