How Often You Should Replace Your Furnace Filter

Homes require a lot of maintenance, and an important part of home maintenance is changing out the furnace filters. People tend to forget about this chore because they don’t know when they should change their filters. We’re here to help with our guide to how often you should replace your furnace filter.

Time Duration

The most common and easiest way to see if you need to replace your furnace filter is to determine how much time has passed since you last changed it. Remember the Filter recommends that you replace basic filters every 30 days and pleated filters every 90 days. An easy way to keep up with how much time has passed is to set an alert on your phone or leave a note on your furnace with the date of the next time you need to replace the filter.


Another way you can check to see if you need to replace your furnace filter is by simply inspecting it. If you pull out your custom furnace filter and see that no light can pass through it, then that’s a pretty good indication you need to get a new one.

Frequently Running System

If you find you’ve been running your HVAC system a lot more often lately, this means you’re getting a lot of use out of your air filters. Make sure you’re regularly checking your filter to see what kind of condition it might be in—the more you run your HVAC system, the more often you’ll need to replace your filter.

Noticeable Odors

You might notice odors around your home for several reasons, one of which might be the condition of your furnace filter. A burning smell is a sign that the odor might be related to your furnace filter.

When the Seasons Change

One last indicator that you might need to check your furnace filter more frequently is if you own any pets. Cats and dogs tend to shed their hair all around your home, especially when the seasons change. If pet hair continually gets caught in your furnace filter, you may have to replace it more often.

Hopefully, this guide on how often you should change your furnace filter can ensure that your home has quality air, especially with allergy season in full swing.

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