ExactFilters the Perfect Fit

ExactFilters in your exact size. Finding the perfect fit filter isn't always easy so we teamed up with AAF Flanders to offer high quality exact fit HVAC filters made with only a 1/8+/- manufacturing tolerance. These filters are made the exact size specified ensuring a perfect fit in your system. Over 70,000+ filter size combinations available.

Choose between basic filters with a MERV 4 rating to capture dust, protect your system and allow your blower to maximize airflow. If indoor air quality is a concern choose from a pleated filter option starting with a MERV 8 rating, MERV 11 or our very best MERV 13 rated filters. 

As a wise human once said "measure twice cut once". Be sure you have taken the true measurements of your current filter. You would be surprised how often they are not what they say they are.

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