Spring cleaning the whole house, not to mention your indoor air, can feel like a big job. To make the task easier, tackle one thing at a time with this checklist. 

  • Reduce clutter by tossing items that can collect dust, such as old newspapers, magazines, mail, and clothing.
  • Cover mattresses, box springs and pillows with special casing to block dust mites.
  • Never leave cars running in an attached garage. Fumes can leak into your home even if the garage door is left open.
  • Regular grooming of your pet helps control pet dander and loose hair.
  • Help prevent mold by keeping relative humidity between 30-50%. Inexpensive monitors are available.
  • Cleaning window screens is easy – remove, hose off, and let dry in the sun.
  • Replace vacuum cleaner bags when full to keep suction at maximum power.
  • Window treatments collect a lot of dust. Choose washable curtains when redecorating.
  • Shower curtains need cleaning too – toss them in the washer to keep them fresh.
  • Ventilation helps reduce moisture and helps prevent mold – keep bathroom ventilation fan running.
  • Change your Air Filter to help clean the air you breathe.

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