AstroCel HEPA Filters by AAF Flanders

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

AstroCel I High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the most efficient air filters commercially available. They have broad application in cleanrooms and other areas requiring the very highest levels of contamination control, including:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Photo film manufacturing/ processing
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Food processing
  • Asbestos abatement

Highest Quality HEPA

AstroCel l filters are available in a wide variety of standard sizes and construction materials. Special sizes can be fabricated or special materials used for unique requirements.

  • Individually tested for certified performance
  • Available in a variety of cell sides and efficiencies
  • High temperature models available up to 750°F
  • High capacity option for higher airflow (500 FPM)
  • Available in gasket and gel seal Optional UL 900 or UL 586 labeling

AstroCel Selection

There are twelve criteria encompassing materials and performance that go into the makeup of an AstroCel I filter. Careful selection of the right combination will result in the filter that best meets the needs of your application.

Ordering Replacement AstroCel HEPA is an authorized AAF Flanders filter retailer. Please use the contact us page to submit your AstroCel HEPA filter requirements so we can provide you with an accurate quote. Lead times range from 4-8 weeks for production and testing.

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