An Easy Guide to AC Filter MERV Ratings

As you search for an air filter, there are two important things you need to know: the air filter’s size and its MERV rating. A minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) will tell you how much debris a product will be able to filter from the air. If you aren’t sure what the best fit is for you, here’s an easy guide to AC filter MERV ratings.  

MERV 7 and under 

Air filters that have a MERV rating of a 7 or under means that it can take care of particles that are more than ten micrometers. If you are looking to get rid of airborne dangers like dust mites, pollen, dead bugs, and other small particles that are less than ten micrometers, then settle for an air filter with a lower MERV rating.  

MERV 8  

The popular Merv 8 filter is the next jump you can make. A major reason for its appeal is because a MERV 8 rating can take care of mold spores, dust, and other common air pollutants. A MERV 8 air filter also offers flexibility because it can be effective for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

MERV 10 

You also have the option to get an air filter with a MERV 10 rating as well. With a MERV 10 rating, you can eliminate various dust particles from humidifiers, lead, and coal, among other elements. MERV 10 air filters can also take care of other particles that are more than one micrometer.  

MERV 11  

A MERV 11 rating for an air filter is very similar to a MERV 10. Both ratings will take care of incredibly small airborne contaminants. Therefore, you will see MERV 11 ratings used for commercial buildings and hospital laboratories, as well as in residential buildings.  

MERV 12 and up 

For a MERV rating that is 12 or higher, an air filter will be able to keep particles as low as .3 micrometers from getting into your air. Dust, smoke, sneeze droplets, and more can be prevented from getting into the air. The higher MERV rating you go, the more likely it is that you can virtually extinguish contaminants from polluting your air. High MERV ratings as typically reserved for industrial and medical environments.  

Hopefully our easy guide to AC Filter MERV ratings can help you find the right fit for your filter so you can get the cleanest air possible.

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