4 Easy Ways To Remember When To Change Your Air Filters

You’ll want to change your air filters regularly to have clean indoor air in your residence or commercial property. However, with so much on your to-do list, who has the time?

Read on to learn four easy ways to remember when to change your air filters.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Some of the newest thermostats offer innovative technology, making it easier to control the temperature in any given area. Upgraded appliances also feature new ways to keep tabs on when you should change your air filters through smartphone notifications and alerts.

For instance, a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat will send you a text message suggesting maintenance to your unit. Some options may also flash or beep once the system identifies an airflow restriction.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone

Even if you don’t have the latest and greatest thermostat to help you remember to change your air filters, relying on your phone is another viable option! Start by setting a recurring event on your phone or computer calendar.

You can select any date of your choice, as long as you set an automatic reminder once a month to inspect your HVAC system’s filter.

Store Filters In a Visible Area

Forgetting to store your spare air filters in a conspicuous area is just as easy as purchasing them. You want to avoid placing extra parts in locations you would never think to check in the future. Instead, consider a utility closet, laundry room, or garage as your designated air filter storage space.

If you prefer buying in bulk, label each filter with its intended installation date to help maintain an efficient system that keeps part replacement in mind.

Align Filter Change Dates With Other Important Dates

Changing your air filter can be easier to remember, especially if you align it with another monthly chore. For example, if your monthly utility bill is due on a specific day, consider pairing the payment date with changing your air filter.

Doing so will hold you accountable for completing both tasks on the spot, especially since both chores are directly linked.

These simple tricks can help you remember when to change your air filter, eliminating its inconvenience while protecting your HVAC equipment and lowering energy bills.

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