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Flanders Precisionaire MERV 13 Custom Size Filters

$ 183.99

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This filter is custom made to your exact size giving you a perfect fit. Please be sure to enter the exact size you need in the space provided. MERV 13 filters are the top choice if you are looking to make the biggest improvements in your indoor air quality. The MERV 13 filters we carry are made by a leading American manufacturer. Flanders Precisionaire has been at the forefront of air filters in the US for over 50 years. The web is taken over by cheap replacements that may have the same MERV rating but are very restrictive. A restrictive filter is a bad filter, when air doesn't flow well through a furnace filter your system is overworked which can lead to malfunctions and more expensive utility bills. When dealing with one of the most critical systems in your home it is important to use a filter you can trust. Meets strict building requirements for Green Building design and LEED certification.

1" depth = 12 pack

2" depth = 12 pack

4" depth = 6 pack

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