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Authorized Retailer of Flanders Precisionaire Filters. Founded in 1950, Flanders Precisionaire is the largest and most diverse manufacturer of filtration products in the industry, providing the most types and sizes of air filters available. In addition to filters for home use, they also manufacture commercial, industrial high purity filters and air filtration equipment to service a customer base consisting of the top companies in the industrial, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and nuclear markets, as well as the space programs. This focus on air filtration allows Flanders Precisionaire to maintain and invest in air filtration only, as opposed to diluting research funds into developing products unrelated to air filtration. So when they say "Trust we provide the best for you" it's not just a motto, it's a statement you can believe in.

At RememberTheFilter.com we carry a large selection of Flanders Precisionaire filters, if we don't have the filters you are looking for listed on the website please contact us.

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