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True Blue

True Blue

Replacement True Blue Filters

True Blue furnace filters come in many sizes, while we don't carry furnace filters manufactured by True Blue we do carry a large selection of replacement filters that can be used in place of the True Blue brand. Our selection will allow you to get filters that fit your budget and desired air quality while usually saving you money over OEM filters.

Select the size of your True Blue filters from drop down menu in the upper left of the webpage and you will be directed to our large selection of filters available as replacements.

Direct replacement filters, select your size

What is a OEM filter and why would I benefit from your replacements?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM furnace filters are officially sanctioned or directly manufactured by the same company who made your heating and/or air conditioning system. Non-OEM filters are made to the same or better specifications as OEM filter replacements but manufactured by other companies. Other filter options are typically less expensive than OEM furnace filters, and usually exhibit the same or better construction and performance.

Our replacement options are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the industry who specialize in improving indoor air and ensuring your system runs at peak performance. Start saving money and improving your indoor air today!